21st Century Learning – Not Just About Technology

This week I had the pleasure of attending a gathering of about 30 teachers who are using IT to do some pretty innovative things with their students. I had another meeting early that morning, and by the time I arrived the session was well on its way. What I saw impressed me immediately. The presentations were over and teachers were spread around the room–facing each other and sharing promising practices. They were using laptops, blackberries, iPads and tablets. They were processing what they had learned from their colleagues, and were discussing ways to take that knowledge and adapt it for their own classroom. They were moving from group to group and adding to different conversations. They were working collaboratively, sharing and building knowledge and innovating all at the same time. In other words they were collaborating, communicating and creating. What I saw was not dependent on technology, but the technology was helping to facilitate knowledge building, communication and community. And I knew that once they left, they could leverage that same technology to keep the conversation alive. This was truly 21st century learning in action.
21st Century Learning


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