Principals and Twitter

Tomorrow a colleague and I are running an information session for a number of Principals interested in exploring the use of Twitter in their school communities. When I was a Principal of a high school I started using Twitter on a limited basis to communicate with parents, teachers and students.  My Twitter feed was embedded in the school webpage and it allowed me to send quick announcements, congratulatory messages or real time updates–and I could do so from just about anywhere thanks to my Blackberry. It was a way to inform the community and celebrate the school.

Recently, I read an article about Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), the Principal at New Milford High School in New Jersey. Mr. Sheninger’s use of Twitter as an educational leader left me greatly impressed and put my own modest efforts to shame. I used Twitter as a means of simply sending out information. He uses Twitter to make connections and develop a dialogue.

For most educational leader Twitter still has an egocentric reputation as a medium used by individuals who want to let everyone know they are walking the dog. The power of Twitter as a tool that can be used to enhance educational leadership is a concept that for the majority has not yet been full realized or even explored.

Tomorrow’s session will be an introduction to Twitter for most in attendance. Below are some resources that will help in our efforts.

Dowload Official Blackberry Twitter App


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